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Coming Soon - ‘Live Fight’

20-21 April 2012 KL Muay Thai Championship

Stadium Tasik Titiwangsa

This time round the 57kg Title belt will be at stake.

There are 8 contenders fighting for this belt and one

of them will be none other from the Kuda Merah warrior,

Amirul “Ban Mero”.  

The contestants for the Super 8 are:

-Ban Mero Kuda Merah PDRM.

-Fairuz Anak Tiong.

-Mie Hati Hitam Pak Badol, Pasir Putih.

-Ahlami Prakok Jeli.

-Mike Alamus (France).

-Faiz Raja Lebah Kedah.

-Lang Kaw (Thailand)

-Phillipe (Canada)


Champions Fight:

Amir Kambiz Warrior Gym (IRA) vs Wadi Sri Payung (challenge)

67kg Title Belt

Ediey “Selendang Kuning” vs Tg Shahrizal “Poku” (challenge)

Super Fight

Saiful “The Vumpire” vs Salleh Black Diamond

Shalihem “Rahim Apollo” vs Tim Yong TNT Gym Mont Kiara.

67kg Title Belt Champions Fight  
April 2012 - Ediey vs Pokku

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Apr 2012 Schedule - Day 1 Latest Updates

January 2012 Headlines

27-28 January 2012 KL Muay Thai Championship

91kg Title belt Championship 28 January 2012

Ewan Omar still remains unbeatable. Won by K.O of his Russian

opponent, Tochier Amir.

Match between Tengku Shahrizal @ Pokku and Ediey Selendang Kuning

was cancelled due to Ediey was not feeling well

Rumor has it:

Tochier Amir wants a re-match against Ewan - stay tuned....


Insider information:

Tengku Shahrizal @ Pokku may be challenging  Ediey Selendang Kuning

soon for a rematch of the 64kg Title belt this April 2012.

Iran Warrior may insist for a re-match with Emy Semerah Padi

after the doctor stopped the fight due to a deep cut on his

forehead in Round 2 - making Emy victorious.

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Jan 2012 Schedule - Day 1